August 26, 2015


When I was at Rosemead School of Psychology in the late 80’s to early 90’s, Positive Psychology was not that well known.  But every time I read authors that talked about optimism and healthy functioning, I came alive.  I knew that, as a psychologist, I needed to study more than mental illness.  I also needed to learn all I could about healthiness, optimal functioning, and the best of what people could be.  The study of strengths and “flourishing,” I thought, would not only transform our counseling approach but also greatly benefit our own...

Even when we succeed in creating a life perspective that is as realistic and optimistic as possible, we’ll still have to admit, life on planet earth is downright frightening.  And further, in our western world, life tends to be very fast-paced and high stress.  It is no wonder that anxiety disorders have now surpassed the depressive disorders, to become the number one mental health problem in the U.S.!


Despite all this, we find that we can still do so very much to counter and address the causal forces of worry, anxiety, and fear.  Rese...


Treatment Recommendations for Depression:

Thankfully, there is hope!  Depression is among the most treatable of illnesses.  Almost all patients gain some relief when receiving proper care.


But tragically, less than 50% of Americans with depression ever seek treatment, due to embarrassment or avoidance.


If you suspect clinical depression in yourself or someone you care about, please consider these recommendations.


1.  See your medical doctor - to rule out medical conditions that generate depression (such as thyroid, hormones, vitamin de...

May 8, 2015


Men and Depression:  

Depression is no respecter of persons; we know it has afflicted men such as Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Hemmingway, preacher Charles Spurgeon, pastor and theologian D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Charles Dickens, and football hall of famer Terry Bradshaw (just a small sampling!).


Six million men will be newly diagnosed this year, and even more will go undiagnosed; because men tend to not  take care of themselves; they’re reluctant to admit their affliction, and they think asking for help as an admission of w...

May 1, 2015

[The following information on the depressive disorders will be presented to you here, much like it was at our community-wide seminars.  I did re-write this and update, for our benefit, but I have left it with the same feel as a live presentation.]



If we have come here today, it’s because we are people in a world of hurt, or we know someone who is.  And we need not just information, but wisdom, insight, and direction.  


Diagnosable depression is:

Painful, debilitating, miserable, 


More common than we know, 

And too often misund...

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