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Dr. Merenda received his bachelor’s degree from Biola University, and then his master’s and doctorate degrees from Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University. He worked as a psychologist in private, group, and community counseling practices in California for 12 years, and then became the pastor of counseling and care ministries at a large church in Virginia for 9 years.  He is now counseling at 2 locations in No. Virginia.


Dr. Jack has counseled and ministered to people of all ages, with a wide range of life challenges, including: anxiety, stress, depression, self-image, spiritual questions and difficulties, men’s issues, having a family member with special needs, and major life transitions. He employs an individualized blend of therapeutic skills, with a full appreciation that each client and his/her situation is very unique. 


Dr. Jack maintains the “whole person” perspective—each of us having a body, soul, and spirit, each of which needs care. Although his training is more specific to addressing matters of the soul (our thoughts, feelings, relationships, present challenges, and personal goals, etc.), he also honors the important roles of spiritual faith and physical health. This might be described as the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model!


His general style is to explore a client’s life challenge through compassionate listening and meaningful interaction, with the goal towards a deeper understanding. He is also attentive to aspects of a person's history, if and when it affects the present, as well as managing current stressors—all of this to better explore options for coping well with present day challenges, as well as to facilitate emotional-relational healing that will extend into the future. Lastly but not least, to the extent that the client desires faith-based counseling, Dr. Merenda offers Biblically sound principles for guidance.



Mood and Anxiety Disorders


Biola University, 

Rosemead School of Psychology

1992, Psy.D. - Doctor of Psychology

Life Transitions


Men's Issues


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