May 8, 2015


Men and Depression:  

Depression is no respecter of persons; we know it has afflicted men such as Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Hemmingway, preacher Charles Spurgeon, pastor and theologian D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Charles Dickens, and football hall of famer Terry Bradshaw (just a small sampling!).


Six million men will be newly diagnosed this year, and even more will go undiagnosed; because men tend to not  take care of themselves; they’re reluctant to admit their affliction, and they think asking for help as an admission of w...

May 1, 2015

[The following information on the depressive disorders will be presented to you here, much like it was at our community-wide seminars.  I did re-write this and update, for our benefit, but I have left it with the same feel as a live presentation.]



If we have come here today, it’s because we are people in a world of hurt, or we know someone who is.  And we need not just information, but wisdom, insight, and direction.  


Diagnosable depression is:

Painful, debilitating, miserable, 


More common than we know, 

And too often misund...

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